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3 Ways a Miami Family Law Attorney Can Help You During a Divorce

You’ve heard the saying before: Divorce can get messy. And it can. Assets are divided, custody is put in place, and both parties want to make sure they’re not shorted. Having a Miami family law attorney by your side during the process will allow you to walk away satisfied. You’ll leave knowing that everything was delegated properly and in your favor.

So what does a Miami family law attorney do?

Simply put, a family law attorney is someone who helps with family legal issues in the southern Florida area. Many things are involved when going through a divorce. Will alimony need to be paid? Child support? If so, how are these calculated? And how can one know if they’re being treated fairly in the deal?

A lawyer with experience in family law will be able to help guide you through these difficult times. The most amicable divorces can still turn ugly when it comes time to split finances and work out custody arrangements. Many individuals let their emotions get the best of them and are unaware of all the laws in place. They find they greatly benefit from the advice a Miami family law attorney can provide.

While there are many ways, both directly and indirectly, that a family law attorney can help, here are the top three:

Child Custody Agreements

Whether you choose litigation or mediation, knowing what you’re entitled to concerning custody over your children is one of the most important aspects of a couple’s separation.

With an attorney present during your arrangement hearing, or by your side during communications with your ex-spouse, both parties can discuss and agree upon a visitation schedule for the parent that will not be retaining full custody. This process can be done in a friendly manner, or if the other party wishes to fight your proposal, can be taken over by the courts in litigation. During this process, you’ll want to have an experienced lawyer by your side. They can make sure the final result is what’s best for you and your child(ren).

If you find yourself on the losing end of this battle, you can take comfort in knowing that these arrangements can be amended down the road.

Splitting of Finances and Assets

Have you been a stay-at-home parent during your marriage and now you’re worried about finances? Or were you the breadwinner and curious as to how much you’ll have to pay your ex in spousal support and child support?

On top of splitting assets, a family law attorney can ensure you continue to live the life you did before. If your role in the marriage was to raise the children and therefore you weren’t working, you shouldn’t suffer. With proper legal support, you’ll gain spousal support so that your lifestyle doesn’t have to languish after the split.


Having an amicable divorce is one of the most sought-after types of separation, especially when there are children involved. No parent wants to drag their children through the legal process if they can avoid it.

That being said, there are unfortunate events where a friendly separation goes south. This usually occurs once the talks regarding assets or custody arrangements get deeper. If this happens, an attorney by your side in the courtroom will ensure you receive the verdict you deserve.

In Need of Advice or Support?

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