Mediation Lawyer in Florida

Before the final hearing of a divorce or paternity case, both parties are required to attend mediation. During the divorce process and other family law proceedings, many people become frustrated by the disagreements and hot tempers so common to this area of law. Mediation is one of the best ways to settle disagreements and to finalize the terms of divorce.

Stephanie Granda, esq. uses her expertise in family law to ensure civil, amicable settlements between parties so that her clients can move on with their lives.

Pre-Suit Mediation

Mediation can take place before or after a party files for divorce with the court. When it happens before the divorce is brought to the attention of the court, it is call “pre-suit mediation.” Pre-suit mediation has a few advantages—by using pre-suit mediation, divorcing couples can limit emotional distress, save time, and save financial resources.

The process of pre-suit mediation is straightforward. Our attorneys facilitate pre-suit mediation by ensuring that all relevant documentation and any other pertinent information is accounted for and shared with the relevant parties before mediation begins. We know from experience that having everything in order before beginning can reduce the amount of time spent on the process.

The Advantages of Mediation

Going to court to dissolve a marriage is fraught with challenges and inconveniences that many clients wish to avoid. The costs, deadlines, court dates, and public nature of court proceedings are important to consider. With mediation and pre-suit mediation, couples can collaborate to reach their common goal, which can help make the process less stressful for spouses and children. The process is also private, and couples don’t have to follow a strict court calendar—they can create a schedule that works for them.

By using mediation, couples can keep themselves out of the courtroom. Except for the final uncontested divorce hearing in which a judge dissolves the marriage, divorcing spouses won’t have to appear in court.

If you are considering divorce but want to make the process easier, less stressful, and less expensive, please contact the Law Offices of Granda & Associates, PA to speak with a mediation attorney. No matter what point you’re at in your divorce, we can help you and your partner settle your differences and do what’s best for your family.