At the Law Office of Granda & Associates PA, we concentrate on helping everyone engaged with the adoption procedure, including the birth parents and the adoptive family. We have concluded many adoptions, and we bring our expertise to the table with each case.

Florida Adoption Law Overview

Adopting a child can be one of the greatest moments of your life. Giving a child a loving home is something to be cherished. There are, though, many steps leading up to the adoption itself, and to ensure the situation remains a happy one, you’ll want to make sure the proper procedure is followed.

Our firm has worked on many adoption cases. We have worked successfully in both uncontested cases—where the birth parents give their consent—and contested cases—where the birth parents are either unable to be located or do not give consent. We haves also worked with closed adoption cases where the adoptive parents and the birth parents do not meet, and, alternatively, have dealt with open adoptions where the birth and adoptive parents do meet.  Regardless of the type of adoption you may be looking into, we are here to provide out expert advice to keep this a joyous moment for all involved.

If you are thinking about adoption in Florida, contact us today for your free adoption case assessment. We will address your worries and answer your inquiries with both the sympathy and experience you desire in this honorable endeavor.

A Background on Adoption in Florida

When many think of adoption, they think of a couple who takes in a young child and raises him or her as their own. But there’s so much more to it.  The more you know, the better prepared you’ll be for the event.

A Closed adoption is an adoption in which the adoptive guardians don’t meet or know the birth guardians. In an open adoption, the adoptive guardians meet, know, or work with the birth mother or father. With an open adoption, the adoptive parent(s) and birth parent(s) can concede to specific terms, including to what extent the birth parent or guardians will have the opportunity to know the child and how included the birth parents will be with the adoptive guardians and the child.

There are a variety of adoption types, including the following:

  • Relative Adoptions –
    Unlike typical adoption cases, the adopting relative can straightforwardly petition for adoption without first ending parental rights. This outcome is a single proceeding which decreases lawyer time and legitimate expenses. Similarly, as with any legitimate proceeding, there can be issues that further the cost. However, for the most part, relative adoptions are straightforward.Although relative adoptions in Florida are extremely straightforward, you are advised to seek counsel with an accomplished adoption lawyer. In Florida, relatives of many types can adopt without a home report, including: Grandparents, Great-Grandparents, Siblings, Uncles, Aunts, and Cousins.
      • Agency Adoptions –
        Upon settling on a Florida adoption agency or Florida adoption lawyer, what are the next steps? Agency Adoption is an adoption that is facilitated by a state licensed attorney who provides counseling to birthparents, home studies to prospective adoptive parents, relinquishment services and post-placement programs.
      • Step-Parent Adoptions –
        Step-Parent Adoptions fluctuate broadly in complexity. Our office has concluded Step-Parent Adoptions with amazingly confounded family elements that require a lot of time to handle the complexity. We’ve also worked with extremely basic Step-Parent Adoptions where the birth parent has perished or agrees to the Adoption. The level of trouble and lawful unpredictability can likewise be affected, regardless of whether the area of the birth parent is known.
      • Adult Adoptions –
        Florida law enables adults to be adopted. In addition to the enthusiastic reward of making an adult an official relative, it makes the relationship lawfully perpetual and authoritative. Not at all like adoptions including children, adult adoptions require just the assent of the adopting guardian and the adult adoptee. The birth parent must be made aware of the procedure, however their consent isn’t ordinarily required.


Whether you’re simply beginning to consider an adoption, hoping to conclude an adoption, or you are thinking about surrendering your child for adoption, you should contact an experienced lawyer. Contact our caring, experienced group of partners today so we can determine how to best help you.  Contact us today.