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How to Have a Collaborative Divorce, According to a Miami Divorce Lawyer

Collaborative divorce is an increasingly popular option that couples are turning to when they decide to dissolve their marriage. Here’s how you can get the process moving, according to Miami divorce lawyer Stephanie Granda.

Some divorces are destined to be high-conflict affairs. In these kinds of cases, the relationship was so tumultuous that there is nothing to be done but go to court, argue the case, and live with the results.

For some spouses, however, it is possible to take a more amicable approach. Mediation is one option that many divorcing spouses choose, but it is not the only way to end things amicably as adults. Some people want to come to an agreement while avoiding the courtroom—but they also want the guidance and support that an attorney can offer, which is not always the case in mediation.

As a Miami divorce lawyer who has helped clients in many different situations, I understand the nuances that a divorce case can have, which is why I want to offer these tips for those considering collaborative divorce.

Hire an Attorney Who Knows the Process

The most important decision you will make in your collaborative divorce is who you choose to serve as your attorney. Your lawyer is there to guide you throughout the process, provide confidential legal advice, and advocate for your interests on your behalf.

Hiring an attorney who is familiar with the collaborative divorce process will ensure that your divorce will go smoothly and stay out of the courtroom.

Work with Your Spouse through Your Attorneys to Come to an Agreement

When you decide to go the collaborative divorce route, you and your attorney will meet with your spouse and their attorney regularly. During these meetings, you will try to work out the details of the divorce until everyone is happy with the results.

It is important to come into these meetings wanting to work together to reach a resolution to any grievances that you have against the other party. If you do not intent to negotiate, the process will get more complicated, and it could even move on to litigation, which can be expensive and unnecessarily time-consuming.

Consider a Mediator If You Have Trouble Agreeing on Terms

It you and your spouse end up having trouble agreeing to the terms of your divorce, it is not the end of the world. In some cases, you may be able to bring in a mediator to help you work through the problems that you are having.

A mediator is a neutral third party whose role is to help facilitate a conversation between spouses and their attorneys. A good Miami divorce lawyer is knowledgeable of the process and can help you decide whether bringing in a mediator is a good choice.

Talk to a Miami Divorce Lawyer about Collaborative Divorce Today

Are you in need of legal help regarding your marriage? Get in touch with me today so we can discuss your needs. As an experienced Miami divorce lawyer, I will work with you however you decide to approach your case.

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