How to Co-Parent Effectively with the Help of the Latest Technology

How to Co-Parent Effectively with the Help of the Latest Technology

When you get a divorce, the drama does not always end when the divorce is finalized. For co-parents, the end of proceedings is usually only the beginning. Learning how to co-parent effectively is a trial-and-error sort of challenge for most former couples. However, not all co-parents are at each other’s throats, and sometimes that’s because they have worked out a parenting plan that works for them.

The secret? Cooperation whenever possible.

And what makes cooperation possible for many co-parents often comes in the form of new(ish) technology. Co-parenting is one of the largest sources of stress for divorced parents, and these apps and tools aim to curb that stress. Are you ready to learn more about the tech that can help you get on the same page as your co-parent?

Here are some of the most helpful online tools available.


OurFamilyWizard is a tool that was designed to take on the challenges of almost every aspect of co-parenting. For former couples who start out not knowing how to co-parent effectively, this app is an excellent introduction to the subject. Share a parenting schedule, send secure messages, have access to essential documents like medical records—this technology makes collaboration easy.


Child support is a part of most divorces that involve children. If you and your ex-spouse have trouble keeping track of child support payments, SupportPay can help. The app allows both parents to see how money is being spent for their children and has a notification function that helps remind when a payment is due.

Google Calendar

While not designed specifically for co-parenting, Google Calendar is, nevertheless, an excellent tool that gives divorced parents a fuller view of their schedules. Co-parents can use the calendar to schedule their time with their child, make personal plans that require a change in schedule, and remind both parents of important events, like sports matches and music concerts.

Amazon Wishlist

Like Google Calendar, Amazon Wishlist was not created for co-parents exclusively, but it can help them coordinate major purchases for their kids. Simply add items that your kids need so that you can decide how to split expenses. If money is a difficult part of co-parenting in your experience, try to use this tool to set boundaries.

Can’t Figure Out How to Co-Parent Effectively? Contact an Attorney Now

Not even the latest technology can help some couples get on the same page. In some cases, even getting the other parent to use the tools requires more effort than it is worth. If you are planning on getting divorced and you have children, or you are already divorced and co-parenting your children but can’t figure out how to co-parent effectively, it may be time to contact an attorney.

At the Law Offices of Granda & Associates, P.A., we will help you find the right course of action for your situation. Contact us today so that we can sit down together and discuss your needs.

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