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4 Reasons Divorce Mediation Services Are Better than Litigation

When you think of divorce, what do you picture? Most of us picture some sort of conflict that goes through the courts. In that picture, nobody seems happy. But with divorce mediation services, divorce doesn’t have to be this way. It doesn’t have to be adversarial, where one side tries to score points on the other. It can be collaborative, which, for many, is a good thing.

When you use mediation to get a divorce, a mediator will help to guide you and your ex-spouse as you decide how to divide your property and how you will handle childcare, if you have children. The role of the mediator is to reduce the opportunity for antagonism during this conversation. So, if you’re considering divorce, here’s why divorce mediation services might be better than litigation for your situation.

You Keep Control of the Decisions

In divorce litigation, the judge gets to decide how the chips will fall. In divorce mediation, you and your ex-spouse can try to come to a compromise. If you don’t want to risk a ruling that is not in your favor, mediation could be the best choice for you.

Litigation is Expensive

When you choose litigation for your divorce, you’re choosing the expensive option. Mediation can save you money. Instead of paying for separate attorneys, you and your ex-spouse will only have to pay for divorce mediation services. Because the litigation process is antagonistic by nature, you could spend a lot of time trying to get what you think you deserve, and you’re paying for that time.

It Does Not Take as Long as Litigation

The nationwide average for an uncontested divorce to be completed is three months. A contested divorce takes up to a year on average. Divorce mediation only lasts one or two months.

Divorce Mediation Services Can Spare Your Children Pain

When you are a parent, your kids are the number one priority. Allow me to be blunt: divorce can be hard on your kids. Two factors determine how hard—the time it takes for the divorce to be finalized and how much animosity exists between spouses.

Divorce mediation addresses these two factors directly. By speeding up the process, you are giving your children the chance to heal faster. As a collaboration, mediation forces you to come to the table and work with your ex-spouse to resolve your differences while keeping tempers in check. When you go through litigation, these protections are non-existent.

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