About Us

The Law Offices of Granda & Associates, P.A. concentrates in various areas of legal practice. The firm is dedicated to excellent services and professionalism. Below you will find a summary of our services. For a full list of what our firm offers, please refer to the Areas of Practice page.


Granda & Associates handles divorce, adoption, name change, child support, child custody, pre-nuptial agreements, separation and property settlement.


Civil Litigation:

We both Plaintiff’s and Defendant’s in contractual disputes, probate matters and other private matters involving private parties and organizations.

Bankruptcy and Consumer Debt Collection

We provide personal service to individuals needing to file Chapter seven (individual bankruptcy) cases including but not limited to negotiating debt settlement and consumer rights debt collection.


Real Estate

We provide title/closing services to lenders and brokers that include Washington Mutual, Countrywide, Mortgage Center of America, Chase, Flagstar, Wachovia, Wells Fargo, Approved Home Lending and Suntrust.


Granda & Associates P.A. has a wealth of experience with the Eviction process and has helped many Miami landlords with their eviction and tenant problems.


General Collections

The firm handles commercial and private collection accounts. We are dedicated to collecting outstanding debts and accounts receivable in a prompt and professional manner


Pay your lender(s) your entire past due payments to bring your mortgage current. This option is rarely feasible.


Deed-In-Lieu of Foreclosure:

We can arrange for you to simply give the home back to the lender and walk away with a clean slate.

Short Sale:

We may be able to negotiate a Short Sale on your behalf with your lender(s). In this instance the lender may take less than what you owe on the loan to avoid a lengthy and costly foreclosure process.


Loan Modifications:

We can negotiate with your lender to get your loan in good standing again. There are many options available to us to get a restructure approved like a separate payment plan for your delinquency or even adding the delinquency to the end of your loan. Sometimes we can even lower your monthly payment!


You may elect to allow the home to enter foreclosure. This is an option that must be reviewed on a case by case basis by an attorney. There are many factors involved in the outcome of a case including but not limited to whether your home is a primary home or investment property, whether you’ve exhausted all other options. Only by contacting us or another attorney can you truly know all options available to you.

Our firm will work timelessly to keep out clients happy in an effort to continue to build our firm’s reputation. Our commitment to your business is our top priority.